Call Me Joe

Call Me Joe

Martin van Es & Andrew Crofts
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Is this the biggest story in 2000 years?

And a way forward for the next 2000?


‘A compelling, prescient, stirring novel. This book will resonate with readers looking for a message of hope and empowerment.’

AAAA Booklife Publisher’s Weekly June 2020

‘The authors do an excellent job of following each of the characters go through the process of recognizing Joe and then dealing with their skepticism.’

Goodreads June 2020

‘I loved every word of this book. I loved the concept. The book is fascinating and so real. This is a unique read. Loved it.’

The Book Lover’s Boudoir June 2020

‘Highly compelling. Demonstrates the idea that we could come together to ensure a safe future for all that call our planet home.’

Soul & Spirit June 2020

‘It is wonderful, for so many different reasons. It lifted me up and gave me hope. An incredibly engaging read.’

Tales Before Bedtime June 2020

Read the first 4 chapters from "Call Me Joe"

Read the first 4 chapters from "Call Me Joe"

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