How would you save the world?

A SWOT analysis of mankind sparked the brilliant novel Call Me Joe

Dear reader,

Imagine this: you are an entrepreneur, you make a SWOT of humanity (more about this later) and all the alarm bells ring. What would you do next? Martin van Es immediately knew: “I wrote a book. I want to ensure that world leaders are working on this problem, and to do that I needed to connect with the world, on an emotional level. My novel Call Me Joe sprang from that urgent need. I wanted as many people as possible to see that this is really necessary. As quickly as possible. And the way to do that was through the art of storytelling. It’s what we all respond to as people."

So Call Me Joe is based on a SWOT analysis – that’s a first for literature! It’s a method used by industry to expose strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a company. And then to come to a clear conclusion about the strategic options of such a company. Entrepreneur, strategist and writer Van Es decided to focus on humanity for his latest SWOT. The outcome was disturbing...

Disclaimer: Writer Martin van Es does not claim that his analysis is complete. The main message he wants to convey to readers with his book Call Me Joe is: CHANGE is needed and you can contribute to it yourself.

Comments about Call Me Joe (Dutch title: Zeg maar Joe)

The first reviews are promising. Readers in England say it is "thought-provoking" and "it certainly makes you think about the future of the planet and what we need to do as individuals to preserve it". The Netherlands is debating the seeds that the book is planting: “This book has given me a different view of the world.” Others are simply pleased to have found a 'real summer book', 'a good read' and 'really makes you laugh about our world leaders’. These are the reactions that Martin van Es and ghostwriter Andrew Crofts are concerned with. Martin: “I would love it if people could think more about our future on this earth through Call Me Joe. Talk about this with each other. Or, as someone said, "hope there are more of those Joe types on Earth.""

About the book

Call Me Joe and Zeg maar Joe (Dutch title) have recently been launched in the Netherlands and England. The book (written before the advance of COVID-19) tells the story of Joe, a man who claims to be the son of God. Joe suddenly appears, out of the blue, after a mysterious natural phenomenon. The book was launched into a time of global crisis due to a virus, in addition to all the misery and division that is already there due to climate change, overpopulation and more ... It feels more than coincidental…